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Frequently Asked Questions

Why such a funny name?

A deliberate name for a specific purpose. We believe words matter, and you can trust our word.

Why “Collective”?

The term was carefully selected to help differentiate SIMC from other firms. SIMC wants to manage money as free from conflicts of interest as possible.

The final conflict – even for a Fiduciary Standard, Fee-Only firm like SIMC - is the fee it charges to its clients. Unlike a typical profit-oriented firm, SIMC is not interested in maximizing profits – just maximizing positive client outcomes.

Why Investment Management and not Financial Planner or Advisor?

Investment Management is one of the primary on-going activities we perform within our relationships. Why not get it out front?

Financial Planner? We could call ourselves that - all our clients have a Financial Plan – it’s at the heart of what we do. However, your Financial Plan is a living, breathing, document that needs ongoing maintenance. It is the process of re-evaluating your plan year after year that provides the value.

Financial Advisor? Please…..conversation killer at any party. So over-used and confusing.

Why Southern?

Yes, great irony given I was born in Canada. Our goal is to provide our services in a bespoke manner with attention to detail. We feel the term Southern captures that spirit.

What are your fees?

SIMC charges 1% on the first 1mm in assets, .25% on assets between 1 and 10mm, and .15% on assets above 10mm.

Do you have account minimums?

Yes. SIMC does not work with households that have less than 500K in investable assets. Households with assets between 500K and 1mm are reviewed on a case by case basis.

Given the fee schedule above, the greatest value is seen by clients with 1mm + in assets. All SIMC clients are treated equally and receive the same level of service.

We only add clients if it is in the best interest of the new client, and is fair to the existing members of the collective.

What are the next steps?

The next logical step is to have a 15 minute conversation. You can click on the Schedule A Call button to get started. I promise to keep it to 15 minutes and if it seems we need to take longer, we can agree to schedule something else while on that call.